The Wizard of Az: Dorothy’s Journey to the Cloud

Wizard of Az

The tale of Dorothy’s journey to the cloud in Wizard of Az was inspired by my own experiences assisting organizations with cloud migrations over the past decade. Through Dorothy’s adventures, I wanted to capture some of the key challenges, learning curves, and revelations I’ve observed in transitioning enterprises to the cloud. 

While a lighthearted children’s story on the surface, Wizard of Az grapples with the very real considerations of legacy technical debt, change management, talent development, and aligning stakeholder perspectives that large organizations navigating cloud adoption face. Dorothy’s character embodies the courage, heart, and brains required of technology leaders shepherding their teams through such transformations.

My hope is that by using the creative framing of The Wizard of Oz and infusing humor throughout, Wizard of Az makes digesting core cloud migration concepts more accessible and enjoyable to a wide audience. The story format aims to deliver wisdom in a way that sticks with readers. For those undertaking their own cloud journeys, I hope Dorothy’s tale provides reassurance, inspiration, and pragmatic advice gathered from the front lines of cloud adoption.