Hacking Sitecore Symposium Wristband

As my fellow Sitecore Symposium attendees make their way back home and start unpacking, some of the first questions that will be in the back of your mind might include:

Should I upgrade to Sitecore 9? or  What was the acronym for Sitecore Experience Cloud?

No, the first question is likely: What can I do with my Sitecore Wristband?

Sitecore Symposium Wristband

Sitecore Wristband is made by Eski and called Pixmob.  Instead of being controlled by IR light that was used during the Sitecore keynote and Omnia Nightclub, you can make your wristband light up from your own movement. Here’s how:

It takes less then 5 minutes if you follow the following instructions:

  1. Open the back of the wristband using a quarter and remove two batteries.
  2. You will see words “OPEN MODE” with a little arrow pointing to a small metal jumper.
  3. Using a sharp object punch down on the jumper to break the connection.
  4. Re-insert the batteries and close the case.

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